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Event Name: PACT SES - Coach Seminar
Event Type Event Manager
Restricted: None
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Start Date: 2/28/2018
End Date: 2/28/2018
Event Location:
Kennedy Center, Augsburg University: Rooms 303/305
731 23rd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1316

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Parents and Coaches Together (PACT) is an educational program developed at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Ethical Education and Development in association with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association.

The program is based on research from developmental, educational and sports psychology. PACT empowers coaches and parents to realize their unique roles in fostering athlete intrinsic motivation, character development, well-being and satisfaction in order to achieve optimal performance.
The PACT seminar is a highly interactive 2-hour presentation designed to engage the audience.

If attendance of a PACT seminar is mandatory as part of registration for your club and you have questions regarding the requirement, please contact your club administrator for additional information with regards to their attendance policy.

If you have any difficulties registering for the session, please contact Affinity at 855-703-2578.

If you need to withdraw after registering for this session, please contact Ivan Woyno - MYSA Director of Member Services via e-mail at

We look forward to sharing the PACT seminar with you,

On behalf of the MYSA member club,

Ivan Woyno

Director of Member Services

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association

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